Precious Plastic

Helps Communities turn the plastic waste in its rivers, streets and beaches into products


Precious Plastic is a project to provide community ownership over the plastics problem by helping us turn it into useful goods that benefit all of us. This is done by providing the tools and knowledge to people all around the world, free. This takes litter picking campaigns much further; instead giving us the blueprints to build community based workshops that turns the plastic into something useful there and then. The project has been picked up by hundreds of people around the world that have built the machines and started recycling plastic waste.

As each community has a Precious Plastic workshop, the plastic in our bins, streets, rivers and beaches will be gradually appreciated as a feed-stock for goods that will benefit the community directly; schools, individuals and social enterprises.

What can you make? There are thousands of objects available to be made and the list is continuously being developed by the global Precious Plastic network by the day. Let’s add to it and get creative here in Wales!

So what does this mean in Wales? The plans are open source and free to download from the Precious Plastic site. If you can fund a Precious Plastic workshop yourself, great, we’d love to hear about it and work with you. However, a coordinated approach can also reap results. Circular Economy Wales has been given Dave Hakkens blessing (the founder) to be Wales’s development agent for Precious Plastic, meaning that if you’re interested, we’ll try and get funding for your ambitions by adding you in to our Wales wide map of provision when we apply for large all-Wales grants.

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