Circular Economy Wales signs up to Movement Generation's Strategic Framework for a Just Transition


Making Community the bedrock of the Circular Economy

Since the beginning of Circular Economy Wales in 2018, we have been looking to other countries to see if bridges can be made from Welsh communities in need of re-building, to communities elsewhere in the world with tried and tested programmes that work. What we offer in the pages of our website, in short, is a helping hand to enable the set up of new exemplars that currently haven't been adopted in Wales. Usually, this is simply because we've not heard of great schemes before in Wales such as the Scandinavian Precious Plastic model, which gives communities the opportunity to create the goods they need from their own waste plastic. In creating these alliances with communities around the world, work with them and you to implement and develop the very best version of that concept.

In carrying forward this very exciting work, helping Wales play catch up with the world's most successful programmes to alleviate climate change, we work with some brilliant people, who share our passion for looping the benefits of the Circular Economy back into our communities. We love Movement Generation's (from America) strategic framework for what they call a 'just' transition to a sustainable future, where people and communities are empowered.

The booklet, that grew from Movement Generation's Justice and Ecology Project, partnering with communities across America, is called 'From Tanks and Banks to Cooperation and Caring. Whilst being concise at just 16 pages, it is one of the most comprehensive propositions of what a re-built community, if it is to be sustainable and empowering of its members, should look like. Like the wide-reaching but interconnected work programmes of Circular Economy Wales, the booklet covers soil re-nutrition by locally sourced organic means, community empowered and benefitting resource recovery and recycling for all of its own needs, circular food systems and, of great interest to us, a Complementary Currency system. Being supported by the Welsh Government to build Wales's first complementary currency to benefit our communities, before an all-Wales roll out, we applaud the fact that this booklet, like us, cites the circularity of community wealth alongside resources as being crucial to being a sustainable Circular Economy.

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