Reseiclo Community Wood Reuse

Reseiclo Community Wood Reuse

Reseiclo Community Wood Recycling was set up in 2007 as a Social Enterprise and started collecting waste wood and selling timber and wooden items from the workshop in in Newport. We think they’re a fantastic example to other parts of Wales, an essential jigsaw piece of the community facing circular economy we want to see created.

The initiative started with one small truck with the business developing steadily over ten years which now collects over 800 tonnes of wood waste per year. Reseiclo sell the reclaimed timber from their Alderney Street premises and have a small shop in the historic Victorian Market Arcade in town since 2013. Here they sell some of their smaller products and take orders for the big stuff. To contact the shop call 07410 700203.

As a separate entity within Reseiclo, there is "Reseiclo Training". This organisation is a daycare service for Adults with Learning Disabilities. The students learn basic woodworking skills in Reseiclo's workshops and help out with our bespoke manufacturing activities. It gives them a real working team environment and helps to develop interpersonal and social skills too.

For more details contact Mike on: 07967 525224

Reseiclo Community Wood Reuse

Reseiclo aims to save as much wood waste from being sent to landfill as possible. They recycle or reuse 100% of the wood we collect. The collection service is better value for industry than traditional 'Skip Hire'. As well as the price per cubic yard being lower, they hand-load their trucks to get more on. On top of this, Reseiclo provides employment, training and volunteering opportunities for local people.

All timber and timber products sold have been collected and handmade in Newport from 100% recycled wood. The price Reseiclo charge for the timber is significantly lower than new, to half the price of DIY stores. All of their products are unique, in the sense that no 2 items are exactly the same They can also build to your own specifications.

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