Benthyg: Library of things


When the Rumney Forum, a community organisation in one of Cardiff’s suburbs, took over their old library, a new idea was put into action: a library of things! Benthyg, welsh for lend and borrow, is Wales' first library of things. Benthyg are perfecting and streamlining their systems to be able to offer to the rest of Wales. We think that this is an excellent component part of the new community facing circular economy for Wales.

So why a library of ‘things’. Every house in every street has an number of tools, gadgets and equipment that might only be used once a year, or even less. On a practical and financial level, as individuals we can’t buy absolutely everything for every eventuality, need or desire. Besides, our homes are becoming cluttered enough as it is. This is a win-win situation.

Benthyg: Library of things

Benthyg are able to catagorise and shelf goods ranging from cooking hot plates for events, large cooking implements, golf clubs, tents, any tool you can imagine and even fans for inflatable castles. By collectively pooling all of these things at a central location, everything is still there for you, and more, all within easy reach. Further to this, equipment is maintained and PAT tested, everyone saves money plus you’ve tidied out the garage at long last!

Benthyg even have a library catalogue and are there to help community members with the know-how to borrow, donate, and get involved. If you're joining for personal use, there's no charge. If you're joining to borrow items for a community group or business, we'll ask for a small joining fee. There’s a small fee for borrowing that can be paid with money, time credits or skill sharing. Essentially, everyone is able to borrow from Benthyg if they live in the community.

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