Green Shed

One stop shop public spaces of sustainable enterprise hubs, centered around café facilities, to buy, sell, share surplus food and upskill on everything related to reuse, repair, upcycling and many wide ranging circular systems to take back to your homes and business.


Circular Economy Wales helped Pembrokeshire Frame to put together funding proposals for its ‘Green Shed’. Jenny Simms at Frame and Circular Economy Wales felt that there needs to be a public facing one stop shop for communities to house all of the new activity around sustainable living.

The resulting Green Shed provides skills, services and business incubator units for activity such as re-upholstery, upcycling and mending. Green Shed is one year in to opening its doors and already it houses ‘Remakery Workshops’, that have been really popular in Scotland. Core to the Green Shed concept is a café space where reuse skills alongside food waste reduction and recipes are shared by over a thousand people who visit each month.

Building on this, Circular Economy Wales helped a North Wales social enterprise, Crest Cooperative, with establishing Wales’s second Green Shed that will open soon.

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