Why Our Societies Are Coming Apart and How We Put Them Back Together Again

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Join Jon Yates in an interactive discussion on why our societies are coming apart and the steps we can take to put them together again.

About this event

UK Acumen Academy, that Circular Economy Wales's Eifion Williams is a fellow of, is hosting this interactive discussion and Q&A with Acumen Fellow, author and Executive Director of the Youth Endowment Fund, Jon Yates. At a time of division and uncertainty, in his new book ‘Fractured’ Jon explores the reasons behind our societies' disconnect and the steps we can take to bridge our divides.

As all of Circular Economy Wales's current and future programmes are community building and regenerative by nature, we are very happy to promote this event.

Get your free seat at the event via Eventbrite here. Join this enlightening virtual session on the 8th of September which includes:

  • Delving into “people like me” syndrome and the forging of a new “common life”
  • Having your questions answered by the author of Fractured, Jon Yates
  • Building new connections with people from across sector and place

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Stay with us after the event - 6:30pm to 6:45pm - to learn more about our upcoming team-based courses: Storytelling for Change, Adaptive Leadership, The Path of Moral Leadership - and find your team to kickstart your learning journey.

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