Zero Waste Schools

Founded by Circular Economy Wales, Zero Waste Schools is a new organisation and project that allows young people in Wales to design and shape the economy they will inherit. The project, to be piloted in Pembrokeshire and Cardiff, gives school pupils control of school recycling systems, choices over where to sell material and what school activities should be invested in with the profits.


The project, starting on its piloted in Pembrokeshire and Cardiff, provides school children and sixth formers with the control of school recycling systems, choices over where to sell material and what school activities should be invested in with the profits. The project is designed to fit in with the curriculum, covering literary, numeracy and business skills alongside an opportunity to design systems that answer some of the most pressing challenges that young people are now engaged in.

If you attend a Pembrokeshire or Cardiff school or you're a teacher, share the following to ensure that your school is counted in this exciting new project. If you're from another part of Wales and would like us to help make the case for a Zero Waste Schools project in your county, let us know via our contact form.

What is it?

‘Destination Recycling’ is the name for the newcollection system being installed in your school.

It’s aim is to change the way that we think aboutthe process called ‘recycling’.


We will no longer be throwing away ‘waste’.

We will use the new system to send a valuable‘resource’ on to a destination where it can beprocessed into something new.


We will start by collecting these valuable resources:

Paperand Card...from classroomsand repro-rooms.

Plastics...from classroomsand outside areas.

FoodLeftovers...from thekitchens anddining areas.

EverythingElse...from around theschool and fromhome, anythingwe think could beused again.


Your school will soon receive oneof these; a container where wesort and store all of our resourcesready to be sent for recycling.

Once its full the materials will be sentto be re-made into something new.

Paper and CardPaper, Toilet paper, Egg cartons, cardboard boxes


Food WasteCompost, Fertiliser, Biofuel


Humans are the only species on this planet that create waste. Every other creaturefeeds a circular process where the output from one system becomes a resourcefor another. This circulation of materials is continuous and infinite.

We need to rejoin the circular process.We can eliminate waste by redesign.

We can stop making waste by not creating it in the first place, using only materials that canrejoin the system. When you post a piece of used paper into the Destination Recyclingpostbox you are maintaining its value by sending it to a place where it can be re-used.It’s time to re-learn how to do this with everything we use.

Your school is leading the way!

Destination Recycling is new – no-one else is doing it.
You are contributing to a new way of thinking that will transform the worldinto a much better place. We hope every school in Wales will soonfollow suit so that Wales is a country we can all be proud of.

What do you think?

How we can improve Destination Recycling even more? Send us your thoughtand any other amazing ideas you have to help us reuse valuable resources.