In partnership with Gerry Gillespie from Australia’s City to Soil programme, Circular Economy Wales hopes to create additional income from the products made for regenerative farming in Wales for its Social PfR members by promoting composting of organics.


Organic material is by far the most valuable thing individuals produce. As well as huge economic benefits to farmers and the wider community, there are significant health benefits too.

Through the partnership with Gerry Gillespie, Wales will have access to a top-of-the-range, modern and effective composting system that can be created at any scale from back-garden to industrial. There is no expensive equipment needed and relatively little effort is required – nature does most of the work. High-quality compost is produced after just 12 weeks.

Gillespie has been working across the world for some time on improving soil that brings additional income to people and social enterprises who make the change ‘at ground level’. He will soon be providing training to Circular Economy Wales on creating composts, inoculants and bio-stimulants that surpass products made by the petro-chemical industry for food yields, food nutritional content and local closed-loop material sourcing.

With the potential to incorporate CELYN into this system, the project could reward individuals in modes other than Stock Exchange tradable carbon benefits. Gillespie also sees the potential for a model designed to suit a specific crop, attribute or aspect of agriculture or landscape that requires regeneration within a specific community.