Spring Conference, with international speakers

Location: Cardiff, venue tbc


Date to be announced soon, Spring 2020, Cardiff, venue tbc

Here's why this is going to be a landmark event that will help shape Wales for years to come:

  • Global Exemplars: The economic storm in the UK is coming. Here in Wales all of our aspirations will be affected. Be the first to hear about reuse/recycling related growth opportunities from those who’ve led them elsewhere in the world; resources, soils and the circularity of community finance this all generates
  • Key Announcements: Hear key announcements on the Reuse Roadmap strategy in Wales and how commercial recycling collection will take Wales's domestic recycling success to the corporate arena to achieve full Zero Waste across Wales
  • Collaborate with Schools: Get involved with the Zero Waste Schools Cymru programme that could be a potential partner for campaigns, community groups and local businesses
  • Speak Directly to and Collaborate with Pioneers: Around 30 ‘Conver-Station’ tables where you can ask questions directly to those who have pioneered new reuse/recycling initiatives. Be the first to collaborate and replicate these ideas and/or bring your own initiative to share and look for partners among people in the sector who can make it happen
  • Additional Liquidity: CEW’s Welsh Government funded replication of the Sardinian Mutual Credit currency is a proven system to add 10% additional turnover for social enterprises and local businesses as well as money saved and bank loans avoided. Come and meet the founders of the Sardex, join the launch with Lee Waters AM, Minister for the Economy and Transport, and be the first to sign up to the Celyn at the launch of our pilot. (As the system evolves, it then includes employees and customers/the public)
  • A Circular Economy that serves the needs of Community: This all fits into what we're calling the 'Circular Economy Plus+' model, i.e. multiple circular systems working in tandem that emboldens the community stake around resources, wealth and food. The conference will empower you to consider the 'full' Circular Economy
  • Cultural Event, not the usual awards ceremony: Wales’s first ‘Sustainability Eisteddfod Chair’ will be awarded. Only organisations/people who attend will be in with a shot. (Dr Jane Davidson, who will talk about her forthcoming book during the evening drinks reception, refers to Wales’s four-legged model for sustainability including culture, hence we're going to have one on stage!

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