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Circular Economy Wales is the official agency for the development of Hubbub UK’s Community Fridge, a pick-up point for surplus food, based in, owned and run by the community. We've been funded by the Rank Foundation this year (2021) to help Wales play catch up by rolling out ten Community Fridges in all corners of Wales, taking the total to 16.

As the development agency in Wales for Community Fridge, we're currently rolling out the following 11 projects with the following partners during the Summer (2021):

Cemaes (Ynys Mon), Crest Cooperative (Llandudno Junction), Given to Shine (Wrexham town centre), Caia Park Partnership (Caia, Wrexham), Cultivate (Newtown), Llanrumney Town Hall (Cardiff), Pontardulais High Street Hub (Rhondda), Rhuthun Town Hall (Denbighshire), Refurbs Fflint (Flintshire), Manidee Unltd (Newport), ACE (Ely, Cardiff)

We are now facing a good problem in that we have been inundated with a further 50 requests from communities in every part of Wales. We are currently seeking the resources and support to bring Community Fridge to the communities who have applied.

Will you be the next? We're looking for partners.



Through the deals Hubbub and Circular Economy Wales have done, training is available to all with free fridges and a £4k grant (for the first 11) to create welcoming areas and shelving for dried food. In doing this we will have helped Wales move from a handful to being a new coordinated sector in just a few months. This, in essence, is what Circular Economy Wales, working with others, does. We help communities in Wales replicate pioneering ideas from other countries around the world, concepts that are already proven and working. Could your area host a Community Fridge?

Since 2017, the concept has taken hold across the UK, with over a hundred already established in England. The concept of a Community Fridge is simple: it is a non-means tested, community-facing pick-up point, where surplus in-date food can be donated and collected to and from community members and local businesses.

In order for a community to run its own Community Fridge, a host organisation with a public-facing, accessible base in the community must be utilised. The community then works with Circular Economy Wales and Hubbub to create a plan for running and setting up the Community Fridge.

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