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We are the official agency in Wales for the development of Hubbub UK’s ‘Community Fridge’. Over 70 have been established across the UK in the last two years. In Wales the work is just beginning. Could your area host a Community Fridge?


Circular Economy Wales are the official agency for the development of Hubbub’s Community Fridge, run by Hybbub UK and Neighbourly networks. What that means is, we help communities who want to adopt a community fridge of their own when we bid on behalf of many communities to create regional and Wales wide systems. Clusters of fridges in neighboring towns provides more efficiency for the system as well as a greater variety of healthy food.

Since 2017, the concept has taken hold right across the UK, with 75 having been established. There are only a couple of them in Wales, one being run by our Chair, Jenny Simms, CEO of Pembrokeshire’s Community reuse outfit: Pembrokeshire Frame.

Interested? A couple of things would be needed if your community was to host its own fridge:

  • First we’d need to find an organisation to host the fridge with a base in your community. It needs to be public facing and accessible to everyone in your town or village.
  • The organisation would have to be legally recognised

Then, Circular Economy Wales, together with Hubbub and yourselves, would work out a plan to finance the equipment and the initial set up. Click here to declare an interest.

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