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Circular Economy Wales is a Community Interest Company Limited by Guarantee, meaning we are driven not by a desire to build share capital for outside investors, but to build community capital here in Wales.

Circular Economy Wales CIC sees a Circular Economy where the benefits are felt by all of us; here in our communities. Whilst Circular Economic thinking has made great strides in the corporate space, the true benefit, beyond the shop floor of industry, is yet to be felt in our day to day lives.

Circular Economy Wales is dedicated to remodelling and redirecting the output of the Welsh economy towards sustainably serving its people and communities, as it used to. This rejuvenation and re-awakening of Wales’s communities requires a circular approach.

Our end goal is to enable community leaders and small businesses to enjoy the opportunities that high recycling rates offer, channeling this thinking across the piste; a Wales that is totally self-sufficient in the resources, food and wealth that it need.

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